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Galiani: Yes, love would willingly chose this place for its temple, if ugly orgy did not turn it into a den. Galiani: At nightfall there converged nuns dressed in simple black tunic. On a low table and were served delicious spicy food and exciting wine. Some of the participants sat, others lay on the pillows.I was not pleased, and immediately blocked the person.

Their Halloween-type theme: Social Media Horror Stories! Chuck Kent of Creative on Call even mentioned it in this song he wrote for Social Slam 2013!Full Sail University ran a blog post about my story, and a student group at the university approached me to speak at their event, because the topic had resonated with them. Ironically, writing about how creeped out I was seems to have given creepers the message that I don’t appreciate their brand of “social networking.”I still get stalkers and probably always will.So, after all this attention, are people still creeping me out? Recently I had this very strange Instagram interaction with a guy I’ve never met, who expressed an interest in buying my vacuum cleaner.Then, you can use native i Chat Send Custom Data( i Index, i Tag Num, sz Data[ ] );// i Index is the player's index.// i Tag Num is the index of the custom tag, the 'x' in #CUSTOMx#.// sz Data[ ] is the data. ICHAT_CHAT_ENABLED_NOC = Your chat is now enabled.[es] TEAM0 = (Espectador) TEAM1 = (Terrorista) TEAM2 = (Anti-Terrerista) TEAM3 = (Espectador) KICK_REASON = Has sido kickeado por negarte a cambiar tu cvar 'con_color'! MENU_TITLE = \y Voce deve mudar sua 'con_color' para \rcon_color %i %i %i^n\y Voce aceita?Must be a string, 16 chars max, changeable in i Chat source code.// You can use 2 custom datas (0, 1) maximum, but you can change this value in i Chat source code.// You have to use i Chat Send Custom Data( ) each time that your variable is changed (connect, disconnect...), because i Chat won't reset it.// Finally, put #CUSTOMx# in your chat formats like others tags, where 'x' is cutom data id.// For exemple, to send i Level[ id ] var to i Chat, each time that i Level[ id ] is changed, I'll do:// new sz Level[ 16 ]; formatex( sz Level, charsmax( sz Level ), "[%i]", i Level[ id ] );// i Chat Send Custom Data( id, 0, sz Level );// And in formats, since I used the id 0 for custom data ( i Chat Send Custom Data( id, 0, sz Level ) ), I'll put: #CUSTOM0#// If I want to send another data wich the id 1 for custom data ( i Chat Send Custom Data( id, 1, sz Data ) ), I'll put: #CUSTOM1#// This is actually very powerful, isn't it? MENU_TITLE = \y Tienes que cambiar tu comando 'con_color' a \rcon_color %i %i %i^n\y Aceptas estos cambios? MENU_YES = Sim MENU_NO = Nao MENU_ACTION0 = MENU_ACTION1 = \y(\r Kickar\y)\w Looks good.

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me" behind his message (configurable below).// So this line ( FORMAT_ME "* %NAME% %MESSAGE%" ) replace:// "say ! me" (default)// You can use colors and tags, of course.// Allows i Chat to stop itself.

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