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He also revealed that he had frequent clashes and misunderstandings with the person in charge at SM at that time.Therefore, he became frustrated and abandoned his Trax debut and returned to his hometown in Gangwon Province.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.Please update this to complete the sign-up process. He is a member of South Korean boy band Super Junior and has further participated in its subgroup, Super Junior-T as well as project group with TRAX's Jungmo, M&D.

I binged some chocolate and turned on a comedy after episode four to lift me out of my funk. Have I ever mentioned I have a fear of religious extremism? on Thu, Aug 24, 2017 A star is born: Every successful actor has that first hit film or TV show that helped establish their name.

Tiene dos hermanas mayores que nacieron en la misma fecha pero en diferentes años.

Es sobrina de Lee Soo Man, fundador de SM Entertainment.

Co-protagonizó con Lee Yeon-hee y Kangin en la comedia romántica Hello, Schoolgirl (En Coreano: 순정만화; Sunjeong Manhwa) que salió en noviembre de 2008, donde actuó como Jeong Da-jeong.

El 7 de marzo de 2010, realizó un cameo en la miniserie de la SBS Paradise Ranch protagonizada por sus compañeros de disquera Changmin y Lee Yeon-hee. My Love to You” (Korean: “너만을 느끼며”; or también llamada “Feeling Only You”) por The Blue (Kim Min-jong and Son Ji-chang), junto a su compañera Tiffany.

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