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By Steve Younis When it comes to Superman and relationships, most people automatically think "Lois and Clark".From the very first issue of "Action Comics" way back in 1938, Lois Lane has been a love interest for Clark Kent/Superman.DC Comics is making major changes to Superman, reducing his powers to the level of the Man of Tomorrow’s 1938 debut and publicly revealing his secret identity as Clark Kent.As the Man of Steel makes the transition from Truth to Justice, our Superman writer, Kyle King, takes a look at one of the major issues from the recent makeover.But it was all a ploy to save Lois from the Revenger.In "Wonder Woman #300" (February 1983), in a story titled "Beautiful Dreamer, Death Unto thee!

They bring very different things to the table, but they both have the same goal: to share something of themselves and try to build something together."Out Wednesday, Superman/Wonder Woman No.

There would be nothing to stop Wonder Woman dating a human man, but one like Superman, who is so often seen as a god, created a disconnect neither of them could quite get past.

The idea of Superman and Wonder Woman ending up together "happily ever after" was explored in Mark Waid and Alex Ross's , although it was one of a few things that Waid has said he did not ever intend to join the main DC Universe.

The current title following the combined adventures of the newly romantically involved “power couple”, , premiered in 2013 in conjunction with DC’s line-wide “New 52” reboot.

The series’ initial writer, Charles Soule, explained before the title’s launch: “They're arguably two of the most powerful beings in the whole DC Universe and they're romantic together so just imagine the adventures and excitement that can come from that.” audience.... ” Readers of the series can determine for themselves whether has been well plotted over its two-year run, but Soule’s and Daniel’s comments make it clear that the premise is that, as the most powerful man and woman in the Justice League lineup, the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess make a natural couple.

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